Photo Filters

Lets Talk About Photo Filters

I have my degree in photography and learned how to develop photos in a dark room. (lol Thats where film used to be develop into photos not from a file on your computer! ) We learned proper exposure of in the camera than developed in the darkroom for color and exposure. 

Picture of proper exposure and color.

Natural Color Correction

Filter - BDP - WarmCreamy Action

Natural Color Correction

Filter Image - BDP- WarmCreamy Action

Original RAW Image

Natural Color Correction

Retouched Image

Filter Image - BDP - MoodyWoods

The last set of images show a process from as shot through to a retouched image to adding filter for a dramatic film like feel. Through my photography everything is natural color edited and lots of filters throughout creating wonderful moods throughout your images from your session.

My question to you though, Am I here to create emotions through color and filters or am I here to create emotions through posing and proper color and exposure? I want to hear your opinion! PS I LOVE BOTH!!!! LOL 

When you get your photos from me I edit a little of both you get real color, black and white, and filters. You can always tell me you want more real color or more filters, they are your photos and I want you to be happy. 

Thank you!