“What your telling me I got adopted?!?! That’s amazing! “...

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“What your telling me I got adopted?!?! That’s amazing! “
-Marlin (now Merlin)



We fostered marlin for over a month he had been in the shelter/ rescue for a long time and no one wanted to even look at him. He needed work on a leash ( he liked to pull) and got really excited with other dogs. So he wasn’t the dog everyone wanted. I started to volunteer and just take him for walks and he was just great with me.

Unfortunately marlin didn’t do well in the rescue and was loosing weight from stress. Which happens quite frequently to rescue dogs they can’t handle the environment even though the rescue is amazing, they just want to give up.

We tried a meet with our dog Ayda but Ayda was malled as a puppy and never quite got over it so she gets really scared and doesn’t get along with dogs really close to her. Knowing it wouldn’t work with Ayda we still fostered marlin. We kept them in separate rooms and crates but let them out equally in the house and outside.

Then one day Ayda went and laid next to marlins kennel and looked at me as if she was saying I like him can we play together?

So I put them on leashes and introduced them and took them for a walk and it was like it was meant to be.

Ayda lost her brother in March 2019 and she just seemed to loose life she wouldn’t go outside to play or want to go for walks, she took Marlin in as her new brother and they play just the same. She is doing better and so happy to have a brother again. ❤️🥰

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